Boardroom Hairstylists - Interview


Not anyone can be a good hairdresser

5 months ago

Anyone can cut hair. But not anyone can be a good hairdresser. It is not rocket science to learn the techniques of cutting and coloring hair, but it takes so much more to be really good in this exciting profession. Beauty school and / or an apprenticeship in a good salon can give to someone all the tools that are needed, but what will make them different than anyone else and be successful is his personal talents, skills and inclinations.       


Cylex: How do you organize the day with timings etc?

Boardroom Hairstylists: We organize our day by the appointments in our books. Our clients have the options to call our salon, book online  24/7 thru our website, text, or walk-ins

Cylex: Let's presume there is someone desperate for an appointment in the next couple of days. The hair is a mess! It's an emergency! Could you make an exception for the person? Have you had such situations?  

Boardroom Hairstylists: We certainly can help if such a situation presents itself, being in business for over 20 years we have developed quite a following of loyal customers, there actually more like family. Most of our clients have our cell phone numbers and can always and have called with emergencies

Cylex: What type of hair is the most difficult to work with?  How about the easiest one?

Boardroom Hairstylists: I would have to say very curly hair and clients that have abused their hair thru chemical box color do at home sets. They come in with hair that is all over the place from their roots extending out throughout layers. They think they can just come in and say this is what I want and this what I want to look like and we can wave a magic wand :) that's why it's so important to have very experienced stylist that not only cut and color hair but educate our customers. The easiest is usually nice long thick beautiful loxs. We get people with the most beautiful hair and honestly all they need is a simple style or trim the keep it healthy. It kills us when a client with beautiful hair want to get a complete make-over so we do our best again to educate them.


Cylex: What is the  #Guest Referral Program?

Boardroom Hairstylists: We have several options, any client that refers a customer which we get a lot gets 10% off their next visit on any of ONE service we provide. The new client also gets a first time discount of $20. 00 OFF any of our ONE service, meaning color, and cut are two different services. We also offer a loyalty program for clients that come in on a regular basis as a reward for their patronage.

Cylex: What is the hairstyle for this coming season?

Boardroom Hairstylists: We see a lot of longer hairstyles with Fall approaching, color is also a big thing. It's a tough question to answer because it really depends on what type of hair and how long the client has. A customer might come in with an image for example but they may not be able to style their hair that way. Over all we do a tremendous job with our consultations before we even dream of moving forward with any haircut, style or color. Besides hair, there's skin tone, facial features, eye color to take as consideration.


Boardroom hairstylist was created to accommodate all client types by providing a chic and urban feel, yet relaxing and comfortable, as well as offering the best hair product lines available on the market for all hair types.