Credit4Success - Interview


The credit can impact many aspects of your life

5 months ago

Having a strong credit education is important since your credit can impact many aspects of your life. That's because getting many of the things you want - be it a new home, apartment, car, college education or even basic life needs - often requires some degree of credit. Making things even more complicated is the fact that credit isn't extended the same way to everybody. Having a good credit education can help you discover ways to make the most of your credit, and learn how to protect it from activities and people that could affect it negatively.            


Cylex: Please tell us a few words about you and the services you provide.

Credit4Success: We offer a complete financial package and excellent protection plan which includes:

- Credit restoration

- Identity protection

- Credit monitoring

- Debt elimination

- Will, trust and POA

- Debt management

- Travel, shopping & pharmacy discounts

All for an affordable price

Cylex: In your opinion how important is a financial education?

Credit4Success: Financial Education is very important for all of us to understand how our credit is used to determine how much money will spend or save and whether we can purchase a home, car or loan or even gain employment.

We didn't receive formal education regarding personal finances, how to use pick the appropriate types or lines of credit and how our actions or inactions affect our credit score.

Credit scores are a vital sign that reflects our financial health.

Almost every area of our lives rely on us having our financial affairs in order to have access to a life we wouldn't normally have access too.


Cylex: Could you offer a case or two of very bad financial management that you helped and got the people back to independence?

Credit4Success: I have had several clients come to me on the verge of bankruptcy and frantic about their next course of action. Part of program we offer is a debt zero program which basically uses the individual's  current salary and debt to calculate how to efficiently pay off the debt in a short amount of time to get the individual back on track. The clients are excited to have found a solution which helps them avoid filing bankruptcy.

I had a client that had a lot of inaccuracies in her credit file and wanted to purchase a home but was doubtful she would ever become a homeowner. She gave us a try and signed up to become a protection plan member. She started noticing results in 30-45 days. She worker our program and created her will and trust and financial/medical power of attorneys to protect her assets. She enrolled in LifeLock to protect her identity. She utilized the credit building tips and tools and began to monitor her credit on a regular basis. She created a budget and stuck to it. In 10 months she was able to purchase her first home. She realized her dream of becoming a homeowner.

Cylex: Where do you hold your seminars? What type of people do you recommend to attend these?

Credit4Success: Our seminars are located in at 6161 Savoy, Suite 1040 Houston, Texas 77036 at 7:30PM on Tuesdays.

Anyone that wants to learn more about credit and financial education, needs help repairing his/her credit. Individuals who want to pursue helping others in the same capacity as an Independent Sales Representative can learn about the Business Opportunity. Realtors, Finance Managers, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Tax Professionals are also welcome to attend to learn about our program and the services that we offer to help their clients become credit worthy.

Cylex: What are the challenges for changing mindsets and lifestyles?

Credit4Success: I think there are 4 types of individuals:

1). Don't have any credit challenges and have an excellent credit rating.

2). Know they have credit issues, want more in life and are ready to learn how to do better, change their lifestyle, see the benefit of taking action on signing up for our services.

3). Know they have credit issues, but will wait to take action when they are directly affected because of rejection to an item they want such as a house, car or loan.

4). Clear denial across the board and decides not to tackle the credit issues in hopes it will magically disappear if they don't focus on it.

Type 3 and 4 are the hardest to work with because they either know they need to do better but convince themselves Credit is not that important and secretly are ashamed of their situation instead of taking the time to seek assistance. Or don't believe they are worthy of having or obtaining excellent credit to have access to better rates and savings. Everyone on this earth is worthy to have excellent credit and utilize the benefits thereof.

Cylex: What are the satisfactions that your job brings to you?

Credit4Success: It warms my heart to see a person bloom with the knowledge we provide, get their financial affairs in order and be able to purchase a house, get a loan, save money, get a car with no money down and low interest rate. It is a sense of achievement. In the process they took their power back and can move forward in their lives. Knowledge is Power.


What do you know about credit? Do you know how to wisely use credit cards to improve your credit rating? Do you know what a credit rating is? Do you even know what credit is? For further details or help, please contact Tania Johnson.