IRDSI LLC - Interview


The computer isn't working?

6 months ago

When your computer isn't working, one of the first thoughts most people have is that it's time to get some service on it, probably from a local computer repair place. But with so many options, how do you make up your mind?


Cylex: What services does IRDSI LLC offer and what are some of the most requested?

IRDSI LLC: Our main services relate to Malware/Virus removal is top of the list for repair followed by laptop screen replacement.

IRDSI offers a full range of repair for your desktop, laptop or server.

Specializing in:

• WINDOWS XP/⁠VISTA/⁠7/⁠8 upgrade or migration to new operating system

• Install Windows, Linux or BSD

• Transfer Windows user account(s) to new machine

• Blue screen, black screen?? Bring it in, diagnosis is free

• BIOS, Hard Drive or Windows password(s) remove/reset/bypass (limited, call first)

• Data restoration/⁠retrieval, copy to external storage.

• Expert viruses/⁠malware/⁠adware/⁠ransomware removal

• Tune up

• Laptop screen replacement

• DOD (department of defense) level hard drive wipe, prep for resale, recycling or disposal

• Hardware, software, wired and wireless networking

• Laptops, desktops, servers (all makes and models)

• Custom built and purpose built computers using your parts or ours

• Online, offsite backup facilities (up to 30Tb)

• Upgrades, updates... MORE!

Cylex: What if a bigger company would look for a computer specialist, do you offer monthly contracts?

IRDSI LLC: Yes, after a consultation.  When we come to terms, we offer service contracts which we fulfill using a remote desktop session. Any hardware repair involving replacement is done in shop and would be billed separately.


Cylex: How much do you charge for computer repairs?

IRDSI LLC: Flat fee for software repairs, $40. Add the cost for parts if needed. Turn around time for software repair is normally next day. With part(s), add five to seven days to allow time for part to arrive.

Cylex: How are your prices compared to other repair services in the area?

IRDSI LLC: To ease the burden of bookkeeping in our shop, we use a flat fee based repair charge, so slightly lower.

Cylex: Do you work on Apple Computers?

IRDSI LLC: No, perhaps in the future, but not now.

Cylex: What are some of the most challenging ‘disasters’ you had to deal?

IRDSI LLC: Data recovery, cryptovirus aftermath, Windows 10 black screen, and BIOS/Hard Drive passwords. Though not really a disaster, certainly qualifies as a challenge... convincing people Windows XP is defunct and not safe to use on the web.


Those that own laptop computers, desktop computers or servers as well as other computer systems often require computer repair services. With that said, there are some important aspects of choosing a repair company that specializes in a wide range of computer products. For example, knowing what to expect with regard to a company that offers this type of service is essential to ensuring a satisfying experience.