Technical Specialties, Inc. - Interview


Unique inspection capabilities

5 months ago

Once seen as a specialty machine tool, the CNC Swiss-type is increasingly being used in shops that are full of more conventional CNC machines. For the newcomer to Swiss-type machining, here is an interview to get an idea.


Cylex: What industries do you serve?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: Technical Specialties is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We can run parts from prototype to production with fabricating of metal products for the medical, aerospace, automotive, motorsports, Military, commercial, and fiber optics and other related markets.

Cylex: What is the philosophy that you follow?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: Our goal is to be a tier 1 supplier as we strive for profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.  To be the best in the eyes of our customers and employees, and consistently outperforming our peers.

Cylex: What type of inspection equipment do you have?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: Technical Specialties has some unique inspection capabilities including a CNC MultiSensor Vision System with a through-the-lens laser and touch probe. A roundness tester, laser micrometer, digital bore gages starting at .0185", a small hole profilometer, to name a few to inspect our parts to ensure we meet our customers exacting demands.


Cylex: What is the smallest part you can make? What is the largest part you can make? Are there any size limitations?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: We are capable of machining parts down to .008 inches in Diameter. We are capable of machining parts up to 6 inches in Diameter. We are capable of machining parts between .008 inches in Diameter and 6 inches in Diameter, and a maximum length of 12 feet and 4 inches.

Cylex: Do you offer any quotations? What information do you need to quote a part?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: We try to return quotes within 24 hours and can do value added components.

Cylex: What are some aspects that you consider specific for your business?

Technical Specialties, Inc.: Technical Specialties, Inc. specializes in CNC Swiss and Multi-Axis CNC Turned Components and has some unique inspection capabilities.


The CNC Swiss machine not only permits complex parts to be completely machined in one setup, but it also permits many operations to be performed simultaneously instead of sequentially, substantially reducing the total time required to machine the part.