United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon - Interview


What is activated carbon?


UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange (IX) Resins and Adsorption Filtration Equipment. They also design, size and build custom fabricated liquid and vapor phase activated carbon adsorption systems.


Cylex 1. What services does United Manufacturing International 2000 provide?

UMI-2000: We supply  Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resins and Adsorption Filtration equipment.  We also design, size and build activated carbon adsorbers and systems. We have on site full service change-out of spent activated carbons.

Cylex 2. What is the Activated Carbon and where is it used?

UMI-2000:  Activated Carbon is made from coal or coconut shells.  It is a filter media for water and air.


Cylex 3. What are the adsorptive characteristics of activated carbon?

UMI-2000:  Activated Carbon adsorbs a wide variety of organic chemical contaminants from water and air.

Cylex 4. Where does your activated carbon come from?

UMI-2000:  The activated carbon comes from either USA, China or West Pacific.

Cylex 5. What are the benefits of using activated carbon?

UMI-2000: You can get a pure water and clean air.

Cylex 6. Do you supply equipment for the activated carbon?

UMI-2000: Yes, we design size and build activated carbon adsorption systems as well as other carbon products.


Cylex 7. What is your delivery time?

UMI-2000: We have immediate delivery for most common grades of activated carbon. Lead times vary depending on adsorption system.


For more information please see http://umi20001.tripod.com