Fontainebleau Apartments, Florence, AL

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Fontainebleau Apartments
1825 Darby Dr
35630 Florence
*This company was reported as being closed.


Paula Jones

, Sunday, June 10, 2018

I'm a tenent at the 1975 Darby Dr. Apts. I would not rent from these people again if you paid me 1000000 dollars. Not only is the manager a foul mouth woman, she is a liar. She is trying to do things illegally and I really hope she goes through with what she said she was going to do because after I sue her for my deposit, I'm going to sue her for all this pain and suffering I'm going through because of her. These apts. are not up to par. They are not worth 595.00 a month and I can't wait till September so I can get out of here. Nothing but trouble with neighbors since I moved here. Everyone that was a good neighbor has moved out already because of all the bullcrap. She has broken all the rules in her own lease. The maintenance is decent but they are in laws of hers, so you know how that is going to turn out if you have any problems with her.

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