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9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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, Sunday, November 12, 2017

I had had a myriad of allergy tests, The elimination diet, and patch tests on my skin. Everyone of them came up that I was allergic to everything. He carefully explained to me that environmental allergies are usually the result of a food allergy. He did the tests. Yes, they seem kind of hocus-pocus, but in actuality they have very logical reasons backing up their effectiveness. When all was said and done, the tests were painless and didn't take long. Everyone is so used to Western Medicine, with all it's shiny machines and sterile atmosphere (and high costs) they feel like they really got something, so they're disappointed that Dr. Moses tests seem so simple and easy. The result was that I had an allergy to just one thing. But it's is ubiquitous, in virtually everything we eat or drink. Mold. Mold includes mushrooms, the "mother in vinegar and wine, the culture in cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, all the ready-made dressing which have vinegar. Yeast, which is found in bread. Fermented soy. You name it! But he was absolutely correct when I managed to eliminate most of that from my diet, my year long allergies disappeared! It's hard to avoid all the time, but cutting back severely especially certain times of the year helped immensely. Thank you Dr. Moses, you are the best!

, more than 2 years ago

Gary Moses has helped my spouse when his body had no minerals or vitamins left in his body...pretty much!!. Helped when he had a kidney infection. Helped me when I had pain on my right side and yes due to milk products also when I was feeling drained and no energy whatsoever!!! I say first go see Dr. Moses before going to a regular provider. you'll get healed sooner. :) I say their is always room for improvement but this man has a lot of wisdom.

Ann Johnson

, more than 2 years ago

I love Dr. Moses!!!! I had digestive issues that no other doctor could help with after many tests and consultations. THANK YOU DR. MOSES!!!

, more than 2 years ago

Convinced my friend that her daughter was allergic to milk using some vague test, even though her daughter had no issues with milk. He told her to not let her daughter have any milk products, which is an exclusion diet. Exclusion diets are very dangerous, one couple went to jail recently when their 5 year old son was also not allowed milk. when he was allowed to have yogurt later, he asphyxiated and died due to a sever allergic reaction caused by this exclusion diet. If you are really sick, go to a doctor. And NEVER let him treat your child.

, more than 2 years ago

Honest man and Dr.! Would recommend Dr. Moses to anyone!

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