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, more than 2 years ago

Whoever drove bus #57 this morning at 7:14 2/21/2016 was not paying attention to the turn lane. Heading South on Heatherwilde to cross Pecan, right next to the McDonalds, there are three lanes, one turn lane going left on Pecan, one lane going straight across Pecan, and one turn lane going right on Pecan. We were all waiting for the light to turn green to cross Pecan, I was in the lane to go straight and the bus was next to me in the right turn lane (next to McDonald's). The light turned green and instead of the bus turning it went straight across and did not have his blinker on like he needed to scoot over into the proper lane to go straight. The line to go straight was pretty long so I wonder f the driver did this as too not have to wait thru several lights so he decided to cut people off. Not sure if the bus had children on it but I followed it until it turned left onto Wells Branch Parkway. Please teach your drivers to obey the rules!

, more than 2 years ago

My wife and I were on a walk on the afternoon of 1/11/17 I saw a PFISD bus (bus #16) idling in our neighborhood with nobody in it. After many minutes I decided that there might be a problem (either a disabled driver, security issue, or abandoned bus). So I took a picture with the intention of calling PFISD when I got home in case there was trouble. It turns out the driver must have seen me take the picture (if I zoom way in she is in the back of the bus with someone else but the windows are so blacked out you can't tell from the sides). A few minutes later she drove up next to us, stopped the bus, rolled down her window, and in a very unfriendly voice demanded that I tell her why I had just taken a picture of her school bus. I told her that I though the bus was abandoned or might need help and wanted to call it in. In a very nasty voice she said "yeah, sure!" and drove off. As someone who was looking out for the safety of the kids who might have been on the bus (not to mention the driver herself), I was very disappointed that she treated me this way. She could have just said "oh! No, I was fine" and left it at that, but she treated me like I was some sort of creep. She also may have had a guilty conscience for taking a little unreported break?

, more than 2 years ago

Our Autistic boy has been with y'all for 2 years. His drivers and aids are just fantastic! We have become like family through the years and I appreciate all they do to ensure his safety and comfortability. Keep up the excellent work ¿¿

horrible bus

, more than 2 years ago

Something has to be done about these bus rides home I have three elementry students and a neice who all ride together and get off at same stop they drop all four kids off away from my house where they have to walk through a field to get home in rainy weather and ice its not right and they wony even try to do something else every other student on this bus gets dropped off at driveway why are my kids pushed to the side they say safety is there mission maybe for everyother kid but my four and then today the driver popped my 7 year on the leg it may of only been a small pop but it does not matter nobody is allowed to touch my child you will be getting a call from a very angry mother u can bet on that

Terrible bus driver

, more than 2 years ago

I have three children that ride the same bus and have the same bus driver. One is in elementary, one in jr high and one in HS. This school year has been a rough one when dealing with the bus service. I've tried to call and make a complaint but I can never get ahold of anyone. The bus driver is consistently rude to the kids. He is unaware of things that are taking place while he is driving and is flippant when dealing with the things he is made aware of. Today is the 5th time this school year that I have been late to my own job due to the bus driver picking up early and leaving one of my children behind. I do not understand having a set bus pick up time if the bus driver is allowed to pick up and leave whenever he feels like it. My children ride bus #117
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