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, Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I used to live here. Tony Miller not the owner, Walter and Martha are. That a fake account they are using. They are booktext slumlords. They been scamming people out of application Fees for the longest time. People even got into arguments with them. City of Garland is aware of their activities, but do nothing to enforce laws or housing codes. You can't ignore 100's of complaints. If you been scammed, file a complaint thru BBB, they been getting results. Yes, there are many sex offenders living here, which is another issue that the City of Garland has failed on, since these townhomes are a block away from a High School. When the city don't care, you know it not the city you want to live in.

, more than 2 years ago

I was scammed also, I've reported them to the city of Garland and to the BBB. I wish I could rate them less than zero.... DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOOSE $100....

Rachel McFarland Wilson

, more than 2 years ago

I filled out an application here after seeing the open unit. It may not be the nicest place in town, but compared to where we were living, it's a dream! There are crime issues everywhere. Even in "nice" places. And this is Texas, we have roaches everywhere. I look forward to moving to Williamsburg!

by more than 2 years ago

Were you approved or no call back like the complaints say.

, more than 2 years ago

These people are scamming people. This T*** M***** person stating the place is "nice" is the owner. Suddenly he's on all the sites posting the same review. The townhomes are falling down. In a terrible state of disrepair. There are several sex offenders living on the property. The owner's name is W***** M********* and he is cheating people out of their application fees. He's posting on craigslist and in the greensheet that they have vacancies and when the people come out to put in the application they are made to pay the application fee and then they are told they either have judgements or criminal records or given some phoney reason for denial. Only problem is no background checks are being run. Many of the people do not have any judgements and when they call their employer HR departments they are informed no one contacted them. When they pull their credit reports no inquiries were ever made. Williamsburg Townhomes and their owner have multiple online complaints alleging theft. The BBB has given these folks an "F" rating as well. They are crooks. Nothing but. Stay away. They also showed me a unit that had mold, dark mildewy smelly and highly soiled green carpet, rat droppings, roach carcases, parts of the floor that felt soft and spongy, broken windows covered in plastic, light fixtures that did not work, peeling paint, an old fridge that was leaning to one side and looked to be sinking into the floor and a stove that was propped up and not steady. I was shocked. They had the door wide open because the carpet stank. It smelled horrible. The units are in a high crime area filled with sex offenders, drug addicts and prostitutes. I figured I would sleep in my car and only wash up until I could find somewhere else as I was too afraid of rodents and bugs to sleep inside. The place appeared to be out of a horror movie. Google their complaints. They claimed I had judgements and I had none. They claimed they pulled my credit report and when I pulled my report there were no judgements and no one had even accessed my file. Judging from several other complaints, including BBB complaints, they are doing this to many people. STAY AWAY. They are SCAMMERS.

Tony Miller

, more than 2 years ago

Nice quiet place.

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