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Review about Patio Magic, BEGGS

more than 6 months ago

Furniture for every type of taste. Good products that have warranty and are always delivered on…

Review about Bck Real Estate, NORTHFIELD

more than 6 months ago

It a very modern company. The management team are very good leaders and they do a great job in…

Review about Wnri Radio Station, WOONSOCKET

more than 6 months ago

Even if I don’t always listen only to this radio, during holidays I listened everyday. They had the…

more than 6 months ago

I like this hotel. They have large hall, just perfect for a great wedding. I organized an event here…

Review about Lotties Dress Shop, COMPTON

more than 6 months ago

The shop is located in a great area and they have very good prices. I recommend.

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